Silent One

Hello, Silent One.
Silence for weeks and for months,
Imagined with a crevasse of compassion.
And now that I have beheld
Your unyielding form,
I understand.
You, at your core, are not uncaring,
But your silence is.

In my first life,
If I learned nothing else,
It is that silence has no room for
Heat and Blood and Light.

I cannot give myself over to a stone.

4 thoughts on “Silent One

    • maggierapid says:

      This speaks to me, as well. Thank you, Michelle. I was reading in one of my favorite books this morning: “Christ was Himself the Prince of Peace, and He promised peace to His followers. And that serene confidence in HIs promise is a comfort we are bidden to seek. But in light of the overwhelming conditions of tension and turmoil through which we wade, and the life of ever greater striving to which He calls us, it would seem this peace comes as strains of harmony heard amid the cacophony of life, like the quiet voice heard amidst the maelstrom of wind. It does not come as escape from the whirlwind.”
      Sometimes I just want the escape…

      • Michelle Whipple says:

        What a beautiful passage! Moments, touch points. Have you listened to Mark Nepo on Oprah’s Super Soul podcast? He talks about how some day we are the ant carrying the grain of sand and other days we get the “billowing of spirit” and that peace comes from the balance and acceptance of the two roles.

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