I am not strong because…

One of my spiritual practices is to check for an instagram post from Mari Andrew each morning.  A while back she posted this and it resonated with me in a big way:

At different times in my life people have called me strong or inspiring. And in those moments, those labels felt ill-fitting probably because, as Mari wrote, “This kind of immediate reaction to bad luck is patronizing at best, and doesn’t give room to feel disappointed, scared, or like a total mess.” And like Mari, I like being told I’m strong for other reasons–not the shit that happened TO me but the things I’ve had to work at! So I made my own list, inspired by Mari Andrew!

I am not strong because I endured a year of gut-wrenching (literally) surgeries.

I am strong because I climbed a mountain in snowshoes every year after that one, no matter how long it took me. 

I am not brave because I experienced divorce.

I am brave because navigated Boston (and the rest of the U.S) with a paper atlas…in 2007…when GPS was pretty mainstream.

I am not resilient because my mom had depression while I was growing up.

I am resilient because I found some joy while sleeping in Walmart parking lots in a 91’ Camry for three months straight.

I am not inspiring because I’ve lived with cancer for 14 years.

I am inspiring because I found a way to speak the truth and think you can too!

I would love to read your list?  Why are you strong, brave, resilient or inspiring?  Hint: It has nothing to do with what’s gone wrong in your life. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “I am not strong because…

  1. glen says:

    This is a wonderful concept and post, Michelle. I’ve been trying to conceive this list for myself but am not getting very far. Thanks for the challenge!


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