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I started thinking about living with intention and purpose when I was diagnosed with, what I thought would be, a fatal illness at age 21. I spent many years running the treadmill of things I thought I SHOULD want, have and be. Then after my son was born, more than ten years later, I realized through my new eyes as a mother, how precious life is–not just his life, but MY life.

That meant I needed to make changes. My inner voice had become so quiet after years of being neglected and ignored, I realized I needed a deliberate effort to reconnect with myself. I’ve worked in mental health as a psychiatric PA (physician associate) for the past ten years, but even with that experience, I became doggedly interested in what works.

The WHOLE + FREE Mentorship is a product of this work. As I’ve overhauled my life, I’ve had so many wonderful conversations with friends, family…even strangers, about the steps I’ve taken and the changes I’ve made (many of which are chronicled here in my blog!). The Creative Living Mentorship is the way I’ve chosen to share these tools with individuals looking to reconnect with self and to find actual aliveness in life.

Meet Michelle

Hi! I’m Michelle Whipple. I’m a writer and artist inspired by healing and spiritual awakening. I am passionate about the activities and tools that actually work to clear the crap off of my soul helping me keep connection to my inner voice.

I’ve been working full time in mental health as a psychiatric PA caring for patients with major mental illness and addiction since 2012. During that time I’ve found important links between creative living and mental wellness.

My mission is to share these tools and links through art, writing and mentorship to help improve our collective mental health and spiritual wellbeing.

I’m MOST passionate about aliveness, meaning noticing and committing to the activities and practices that make me feel most awake and alive.

Because I’ve lived with chronic illness since 2005, I understand having physical and mental health limitations. I believe the most meaningful and lasting changes we can make are made by small degrees over time.

Work With Me

Join me in the WHOLE + FREE Mentorship. Personal sessions start at $30 and can take place in person, over the phone or Zoom. Please message me if you would like to see what the mentorship could do for you!

I’m also a freelance writer for the following topics: mental health, spirituality, motherhood, cancer, and positive psychology. Please message me if you would partner on one of these topics.

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