My most helpful thought

Last week I found myself rolling back and forth on the ground with a bunch of giggling asian women. I was in my kundalini yoga class at the YMCA. We were doing an exercise where we put our hands out in front of us, superman-style, while lying on our stomachs, then we turned to the right until we were on our backs, then back to center/stomach, then to the left. As I rolled back and forth on the floor with these giddy women, I thought, I live such a rich life!

Relax into it

I'm thinking about times and seasons today.  These natural transitions of seasons are like embedded mileposts marking my progress through time.  I am home sick in bed today with some terrible bronchitis/walking pneumonia concoction.  It’s not very often I have a day to lie in bed and the company of my pillows, the sunshine and … Continue reading Relax into it