My most helpful thought

Last week I found myself rolling back and forth on the ground with a bunch of giggling asian women. I was in my kundalini yoga class at the YMCA. We were doing an exercise where we put our hands out in front of us, superman-style, while lying on our stomachs, then we turned to the right until we were on our backs, then back to center/stomach, then to the left. As I rolled back and forth on the floor with these giddy women, I thought, I live such a rich life!

Resilience to Cancer? Finish Your Shower

The results are in!  If you’ve been following the chronicles of my life here, you know I recently got concerned about some symptoms (read here). I called my endocrinologist.  She ordered blood tests to check levels of catecholamines and metanepherines. These are substances that pheochromocytomas can make.  When they do, it results in episodic hypertension, … Continue reading Resilience to Cancer? Finish Your Shower

Sit and smile

I’m going to pause here because THIS is mind-blowing for me. I’m not required to constantly shift and work and adjust and strain until perfection is obtained? Really? There is space in life for a moment’s pause to sit and smile?


After my week of stillness in Santa Cruz, I’ve been swallowed by the busyness of daily life.  Work has been hectic.  R has been demanding and emotional while he’s getting over a cold.  There’s been grocery shopping, dish washing, picking up toys, getting rid of toys [because there are too many and I can’t take … Continue reading Scarcity