May Day and MAYDAY!

I find that life keeps teaching me about these paradoxes—two things that shouldn’t go together but certainly do. Two things that should contradict each other, but both are true. It’s as if life keeps saying to me Yes, AND….

New wine must go in new bottles

I know that if I stay open, when whatever it is that is meant to come my way, finally makes its appearance, I will be open to it. I’m not sure if it will give me the testimony of Christ as I’ve pictured it or as I’ve experienced it before. I suspect it might be something completely new.

Light and shadow

When I was in Hawaii last week, I visited Painted Church or, more properly, St. Benedict’s Catholic Church.  It’s a scenic, little-white-church tucked away in the greenery south of Kona and worth a quick stop.  The church is famous for the murals covering the walls and ceiling, painted by Father John Velghe, an untrained folk … Continue reading Light and shadow


Things I want to spend time doing: Moving my bodyWritingConnecting with GodConnecting with RConnecting with family and friendsMaking a positive impact with my psychiatry work Ways I want to show up: WholeheartedWith integrityWith loveWith courage Things I am willing to do:  Feel griefFeel lonelyFeel tiredBe kind to myself on days when I fail at the … Continue reading Resolutions