Show Me the Bars

My request of myself, is to listen, especially to the stories that make me uncomfortable. And to let them work within me and teach me to walk with integrity. Show me the bars so I see the door, a way out, and I can fly away.

I’m the bad guy…duh.

I have to take a second to acknowledge how hard this post has been to write. I’ve been kicking the idea around in my head for months. I’ve talked it out with several people. I’ve written multiple drafts. That’s how laden the shadow is. It’s a dragon. It’s a snag. It’s mine. And it’s yours.

Glowing water

On Friday I got a text from Britta with a genius idea.  She proposed we meet at Mission Bay to paddle board in the bioluminescent red tide.  She pointed out it would be an appropriate, socially-distanced activity and something that would be freaking amazing.  I was completely in and so were three more of our … Continue reading Glowing water