Write the recipe for bliss

Identify those ingredients that make it bliss and put them together in your current circumstance. Put your butt in the sand. Fry bacon on the beach miles away civilization. Stare into the starry sky. Give your soul what it craves.

Be bad at ANYTHING

There’s an unspoken rule, once you reach real adulthood (I’m not talking age 18—I mean the time in life when you can really do you) that you should only do things you are good at. That rule is silly. And it sucks. Literally it sucks all the fun out of life.


Things I want to spend time doing: Moving my bodyWritingConnecting with GodConnecting with RConnecting with family and friendsMaking a positive impact with my psychiatry work Ways I want to show up: WholeheartedWith integrityWith loveWith courage Things I am willing to do:  Feel griefFeel lonelyFeel tiredBe kind to myself on days when I fail at the … Continue reading Resolutions