I’m the bad guy…duh.

I have to take a second to acknowledge how hard this post has been to write. I’ve been kicking the idea around in my head for months. I’ve talked it out with several people. I’ve written multiple drafts. That’s how laden the shadow is. It’s a dragon. It’s a snag. It’s mine. And it’s yours.

Sit and smile

I’m going to pause here because THIS is mind-blowing for me. I’m not required to constantly shift and work and adjust and strain until perfection is obtained? Really? There is space in life for a moment’s pause to sit and smile?

Ways to process emotion

I’ve been working on developing a skill set for processing emotion.  It’s super powerful and helpful because things that I used to tuck away or constantly numb have become less scary.  I can say, “Hello shame, disappointment, jealousy, longing (or whatever the emotion happens to be)—let’s do this.”  I have a few ways of processing … Continue reading Ways to process emotion

Who is Heavenly Mother?

Now that I better understand the feminine divine, I see that, because of her nature, she doesn’t fit easily into organized religion. She is too big and complicated for that. There are no instructions for breathing! How would you teach someone to inhale? Yet, I notice very quickly when I am becoming oxygen-deprived.